Poetry By Jason Ingersoll

Poetry By Jason Ingersoll
All Poems Copyright Jason Ingersoll
Started in 2001-present day.

I wish I hadn’t eaten those noodles

Fit for a King and fit for a poodle,
I wish I hadn’t eaten those noodles.
Now my face is white and my face is blue I would be better of if I had the flue.
The noodles had chicken and the noodles had fish who the hell would serve such a dish.
A smiling cook who is from out of town who only enjoyment is to watch people frown.
Should I ignore it or should I speak up can I go over and beat the cook up.
Can I smash in his head or kick him in the face and watch the noodles splash all over the place.
No I can’t.
I wish I hadn’t eaten those noodles.


I hide in the closet where it is dark
nobody can see me my name is Clark.
On top of my cloths I hadn't cleaned in a week
I can smell some under where that is starting to stink.
A pile of red and blue and also some black
they remind me that I carry the world on my back.
Do I see colors the way that you do is white, white, and is blue, blue?
Do you carry the world on your back or are you the one at the end of the pack.
My toes squish on top of some shirts that look like they've been dragged in the dirt.
Why am I in the closet?

Dog Shit

Dogs can run and run real fast specially lit on fire after doused in gas.
I'm only kidding you see because that would be wrong look at that dog who has shit on the lawn.
I wont get mad and I wont get pissed its my fault I have a lawn that he feels should be his.
By marking his territory all over my place oh how good would it be to spray him with mace.
But I cant do that animals need to be loved specially the deer I missed with my gun.
He would have been good to eat on my plate with eggs and bacon and a big bushel of grapes a side of toast and a side of bread Ill be glad when taxidermist trophies his head.
I feed the dog who shit on my lawn oh I am glad his shits are gone.
I love the dog I love him so I no longer with to hang him with the hose.
Am I twisted or am I nuts no I am just writing from inside my guts.

The one

Love the one you have and love them so for you never know when they will go.
Family come first and so does romance always remember the times that you danced.
The times that you held and the times that you cried oh how I love to look in your eyes.
Smile at me and Ill smile at you our time together seemed like it flew.
We are old now and I can barely see but girl you still mean the whole world too me.
We still share the bed and we still share the stars I am so very happy our love has made it this far.
I will love you time even when we get old through many a winter when it is cold.
I want to keep you there by my side I am so very glad I chose you to be my bride.

My bike

Sitting in the hole that should be my shallow tomb this war I am fighting is for me and you.
With out peace there is war and with war there is peace to the rich and powerful with their blood thirsty feast.
Is it about freedom religion or food or was it a dictator who woke up in the wrong mood.
Who wants to kill and who wants too fight only eight years ago I was riding my first bike.
I was playing games with my friends and eating candy oh what a time it sure was so dandy.
Here I am now with a gun in my hand hunting fellow youngsters from a far away land.
I bet they had a home a dad and a mom now when I shoot them it will all be gone.
Don't politicians see it with they're eyes before every war they should be on the front lines.
I love my country may god save my soul I fight for a freedom worth more than any gold.
Is heaven free too I wonder what its like can I go back to the day I got my first bike.
My times here were both good and bad.
I sometimes felt pleasure I sometimes felt sad.
I have meet some great people and learned a great deal.
Ill be so happy to go home to a nice mother cooked meal.
I want peace and freedom at the same time.
Oh how I await the day when I can got back to freedom and enjoy my lifetime.
Some may say well look at the benefits well I say what do you want someone controlling your life
Day in and day out and a cheap retirement to whine about.
I say be free to do what you want and always have fun because life isn’t that great when done.


Ice Cream

Oh its cold and is freezing my bones I am so hungry I think Ill eat an ice cream cone.
Vanilla and chocolate seem to do the trick my fingers are now as hard as a brick.
My blood is frozen and it seems really bad but I still got my Ice Cream so I am really glad.
It taste so good to eat in the cold the flavors seem to stick out and taste really bold.
Its so cold outside I cant believe they sell Ice cream here I think I will go inside and drink a cold beer.
Why does the office smell?

Wow is it me or is it you but somebody here smells like a dirty shoe.
Running shoes seem to smell the worst when you take them off you get a smell burst.
It tingles your nose and fogs up the glass and creates the mildew all over the brass.
So Ill ask again who smells like a shoe is Ron or Jim.
Smell check everyone so take off your shoes so we can figure out this ground breaking news.
Ill go first just to see I smell and smell oh wait its me.



Water splashes your face like a mid summers rain you feel joy and bliss and forget about the pain.
Your mind is in limbo and your face feels like wax you sit in the sprinklers just to relax.
Oh here comes somebody do they want to join in your fun?
What is that they carry a Water Gun?
A flash of the badge and you see it is true the military police are laughing at you.
This is not regulation as they take you in and you realize you'll never get promoted again.
I cry and I sob but all is well Is their regulation on this I cant tell.
Do they have a proper way to sit in the sprinklers and where is it at?
Probably in a book that's a hundred pages fat.
They let me go with only a warning my career is saved for another morning.
I leave real happy instead of real gloom I wonder why I cant run in the sprinklers inside of my room?


Hot Wings

Hot wings with hot sauce are the best specially eaten at a wing eating fest.
The skin is so good it just tears off the bone they now serve hot wings over the phone.
Blue Cheese and Ranch seem to work you can submerge the wings into the white murk.
Barbeque sauce is good and it easy to make add some hot sauce and the taste is to great.
I can eat wings for dinner and lunch I hope the chow hall has some for brunch.
Eating the wings is a highlight of my day but if I eat too much my stomach will pay.


Remember the first time we sat in the park it was cold outside and it started to get dark.
We looked at the sunset and it made us cry it was our last night before I would fly.
We held each other and looked at the moon with hopes in our minds to see each other again soon.
I remember that night the room was quite cheap but the company you kept was the best part to me.
Our night was special because you were there to love me no matter what and to always be there.
I think back on that night and the many before we would have never had them had I not joined the corps. I have to go now to a far away land its in a different country have you heard of it?
Its called Japan.
Oh I will miss you my princess one day be my queen


Today I lost.
I lost my love not only once but for the second time.
Why me I ask what did I do to deserve this.
I lead a good life I try not to get into conflicts or arguments with others you might say I am a pretty nice guy.
I see her face in my mind I feel her soft face laying on my belly as I pretend to be asleep just so I can enjoy her and absorb her into me even when she is not there.
I hear her quite snores and watch her while she dreams.
My love oh how I wish I could have asked for your hand.
You are the one for me for I am you knight and you are my princess.
I cry as I write this no one in my life has impacted it the way that you have.
I love you.


Tacos are good to eat for lunch, or anytime of day you just want to much.
Whether they be chicken or beef or fish any type of tacos will make a great dish.
Tacos can be soft and tacos can be hard, make sure when you cook the beans don't add too much lard. Top them with beans or top them with cheese or maybe even both if you please.
Add some salsa to spice it up make sure you use the whole entire cup.


I hate today I hate tomorrow , but I love the weekends.


Soda Pop

Pop and Fizz drink and smile I think ill let this Soda settle for a while. My tummy is bubbly my tummy is cool I wonder what its like to jump in a soda pool? It comes in red it comes in blue my mom says the clear soda is good for the flu. I drink till my lips are sticky and sweet , or until I am so hyper I can’t feel my feet. So go right now and drink a few I am sure you will feel refreshed and quite new.


Today at the Movie

Lights go down in this room.
It looks like the floor could use a good broom.
Popcorn smells from within. Don’t get the extra butter if you want to stay thin.
Reality is lost for these two hours. The candy I bought is really gummy and sour.
I hear the flicker as the show begins . I really hope that the good guy wins.
His gun flickers under the stars. As he puts the bad guys all behind bars.
The special effects seem to be great. This is one movie I am sure I wont hate.
The plot is good and the action was breath tacking
but the actors sometimes look as if they were faking.
I know that this is not suppose to be real but come on one man cant kill every one on that hill.
The hero a man has become even though he probably has never shot a real gun. Movies I love and movies I hate. As for the next movie I see I sure can’t wait.


If you

In your eyes I could love you. In your lips I could too.
But if you don't ever smile I wont love you.
If it was dark and started to rain. If i get a cold and feel a chest pain.
If I died of pneumonia in vain I wont love you.
If you make me miss a turn by seeing if your hair is straight.
If you make me late for my moment of fate. I wont love you. I
f you don't love me for who I might be Then I guess we shared a love we couldn't see.
I wont love you.
But i still see you in my dreams with you big brown eyes starring at me with your cute little nose and your small painted toes I fell the warmth you leave inside me I still love you.


Blister and burn on my skin, was the day the devil came after my sin. I feel the flesh its blistered and burnt, the bubbles on my skin makes me wish I weren't. Oh why oh why did I not wear sun screen, oh why oh why is the sun so quite mean. All day I stand to watch the show, oh I wish I wish the sun would go. My skin is so red, and my skin is all dead, I cant wait till it dries out and starts to shed. A tan is probably what I need, but I think my white skin will just give the sun more too feed. Why didn't I just put on some damn sunscreen?


My times here were both good and bad.
I sometimes felt pleasure I sometimes felt sad.
I have meet some great people and learned a great deal.
Ill be so happy to go home to a nice mother cooked meal.
I want peace and freedom at the same time.
Oh how I await the day when I can got back to freedom and enjoy my lifetime.
Some may say well look at the benefits well I say what do you want someone controlling your life
Day in and day out and a cheap retirement to whine about.
I say be free to do what you want and always have fun because life isn’t that great when done.



Pottery class

The wheel spins round and round. Its spins so fast if you stare at it to long you will get dizzy and fall to the ground. You ad water to the clay to make something neat. Making a pot is messy if you use your feet. Today I think ill make a cup tomorrow I will make a statue of a pup. I love the clay it runs smooth through your fingers. It fly's from the middle like some flying air wingers. I love pottery.

Ramblings of the maddening mind Part 1

In the sun so full of yellow I run against the blue sky it is comforting and bleak to see my self here as if not to need sometimes people smoke seed. Blue as sky and gold as a sparkling river sugary taste in my mouth. If I smile, see in me that sweet not so me and then red. Don’t go I love you or maybe the man in hearts mind is weak. I don’t see what the thing is to do big knots show me what should be mine. What does it mean to see . Does it have to be in front of me. I must be blind. Everything fly’s by in a winters wind that happens here every now and again. See me chatter the open book on the hill as I fly in the cold blink of why? Work on the room in the kitchen no I don’t have a house. The minds kitchen is in service. My hand is no out of service.


Be good to each other. Be kind to your brother. Listen to your mother.

Try not to cry. Things always go by. Always look someone in the eye.

Want to see me. Found in we. Is our own key.

Small, fall, not tall.

You should always look both ways before crossing the street.
Follow the crossing guard with the pitter pat of your little feet.
Safety is first when it comes to you.
I hope this message sticks to you like glue.
Be careful and always watch for cars.
If some one hits ill send them to Mars.

Heat bellows through the shade of the lenses that protect my eyes.
It is behind my glasses that I hide what is really inside.
Reality is beyond your own hands.
This world is made for all of man.
If I see you, you can see me but is the view the same?
Hands are what I see.
Hands right out in front of me.
Touching the earth I reach up high.
Taking off my glasses I still remain shy.
What I see is my hands.
Hands right out in front of me.


My camera its sits there and collects dust. One day I will shoots portraits this is a must. The hole in the back allows me to see. The whole entire world that is in front of me. Taking a photo is something of beauty. I have never been able to find a good nude. Behind the lenses is another way to hide. An a instant you can capture what is outside. In an instant a memory is saved in perfect time space. A high speed shutter will capture the race. Film is the tool in the world of the photography. I am glad not to be in the world of typography.


Gumballs are the best to eat. When they have been fresh for at least a week. Its fun to watch the ball roll down. You can a gumball machine in every town. Red Yellow Purple and Blue don’t get the white ones they taste like a shoe. The mint ones are ok but I like the Red. I can blow a bubble as big as your head. Well maybe not that big Id need a lot of gum. If you chewed that much you would talk in a hum. So just put one quarter in. And watch that gumball go for a spin.


The brush strikes the canvas who knows what will appear. With a couple of strokes the final is near. Painting with oils requires soft strokes. Making a good tree will involve a few pokes. Inside the mind the canvas is drawing to an end. A fix in the colors has provided a good trend. Getting this done will mean it is over. Ill get a new canvas and give it a good cover.

NATO Group photo

Alone I sit waiting for the bus.
Spit shined and polished my bag is what defines what I do.
The bus appears and I get on it.
Sitting by myself I look around.
Who are these people how did they get here? Officers Enlisted its all the same, I think. Positions of power are only defined by their rank.
What power do I possess?
The bus stops and I wait for the higher ranks to exit.
I can’t believe I am here.
I am like a robot standing outside the bus waiting for my orders on which to move or be controlled.
The leader of the group of which I am to meet comes up to me.
As soon as the bus arrives I need you to take the photograph before they go to their meeting.
The bus arrives and my heart is beating as fast as a Harley Davidson piston running at full throttle.
The doors open and the powers of the world step out.
For one brief moment I am in charge.
As if I was the king of the world they followed every one of my commands.
Move left. Move right. Now you sir, move forward please. You move back.
Putting the camera to my eye I can see them all staring at me. Waiting for me to say 1, 2, and 3 then snap the photo.
I am in control of the powers of the world for this millisecond for these 10 minutes.
I am done now spit shined and polished my bag is what defines what I do.
Again I sit alone waiting for the bus to take me home.

Loved and enjoyed life
Thought I had the perfect girl to be my wife
I didn’t realize but I was hurting her
This is one thing I know for sure.
Obsession can be a dangerous thing.
Specially when you fall from her wings.
I hurt inside still to this day.
For my love obsession I sure have paid.

Its dark
Im cold
Fuck it
Get drunk
Fall sleep
Miss the alarm
Be late
Start over


This is not a test

In the infinitude wisdom that is morality the king who inherits the earth shall be the one who falls to man. For which the angels will speak upon an infinite sadness.
The struggle to become more than what he has wanted to be is what drives you to become a fearsome foe at most.
This is not a test.
One has to speak upon original ideas in order to strive for greatness. The one how finds more then just reprove shall reap the benefits of justice.
It is in my eye that the world has greater meaning.
The beverage the holds its own shall be the one of demeaning. You are yourself and no one else. It is what those who wish to be more than themselves think of.
This is not a test.
People live in offices.
They live in apartments.
They own houses.
But people don’t often live for themselves. They live for their children.
Their husbands, their future. Only god knows their purpose.
We are not made to live in a hamster wheel of life.
This is not a test.
This is life.
If life ask you to be more than what you want to be then take it.
Whatever you want this is how it should be.
No more ramblings from an insane person.
The golf cart of life awaits you to the 18th green. seize the moment.
This is not a test.
He who follows the path of the rich shall perish in the fire of regret. For it is the most fortunate of us that wonders how they became the it of the moment.
That is not all that counts. You need to share, you need to have faith, and more than that you need to relief on the common good.
The fruit of all evil spawns a seed. This is a never ending cycle that always sprouts.
You can prevent this sprout by crushing the ground in which to fertilize.
This will render the battlefield useless and incompetent.
War is not the answer in a future based hamster wheel.
This is not a test.
Drinking the drink that makes u think. Having the a pore to drink some more.



My place in heaven

The drink is so well understood.
To fall from the place of the hood is so understanding that a poor white fellow such as myself can tell when the dealer is bluffing. Nothing is what it is.
Perception is the reality that we all must die at some point or another.
This is why you should always take care of the other person inside you. Massage the drunk.
He is alive and willing to do things you must not want to do.
Otherwise you would have not started the drink. Show that you want him.
Show that you love him.
The liquid slowly fills your mind unlike the bubbly drinks you take during the day. IF we could all be fucked up life would make mores sense.
You drink. You get fucked up. You smoke.
You get fucked up. This is the meaning of things.
The art form of life no longer shows the nudity of ones soul.
But it shows the flaws and the demeanor in which it means to live in the year 2005.
No longer is perfection the key but money and power are all that matter.
The drink is still as strong but the people forget.
That it is the time of being on the edge that makes us who we are. May god forgive you and all that you do but remember hell is always around you.


Ramblings of the maddening mind Part 2

Crick crack on the monkeys back. The four runner is about to smack the mountains of evil.
Darkness is the folding of light on the cracks of the earth.
Beginning a sentence with the word pleasant means nothing.
The winner of the race is only number 1 in his mind. The looser of the race is a looser.
This is not what we have held in our hands. Grasping the words of god make us feel at home. Unless this is a god of the un wanted. If no other shall see what is given. Then make for yourself a kingdom of paradise because no one else will do this for you. Go no for the soul is not ready to rest. Ride the machine of freedom. Tell others that this is what you want and you don’t care what they think.
The poor.
Eat and sleep on the cold cold doorway of the restraint hoping to receive scraps or money from kind strangers. Find what you are after. Everyone has a purpose.