Why international marketing is so hard in the US

This is why international marketing is so difficult.
 Supermarket products from around the world (you cant make this stuff up!)
Excuse Me? 
Okay, be gone I say! 
Not to be confused with Hetero sausage. 
Insect repellent? Are you sure that's what it's for? 
If offered one, not what I'd be expecting. 
Hmmm... my 2 favorite things in one throw away container. 
Soooo refreshing! 
Only one thing better than regular Shito, new, improved Shito. 
In case there was some doubt?
I hope they come with instructions?
Nuff Said !
So much better than old, stale cok substitute! 
Well of course, Asse just had to be chocolate.. 
I really shouldn't find this funny. 
 International marketing is so difficult.
Wow ! - if only THIS came in a beer can! 
Hard to refuse, even with that mascot?! ? 
I hope Marie knows about this.
And they said it couldn't be bottled.
How Sweet !