Preacher joke

A preacher was driving along a country road on his way to an evening service in a nearby town.
As he drove along, he saw a man walking along the road, slowly; one step foreword, one step to the side, and one step backward.  The pastor stopped behind the man, who was obviously drunk, got out and led him to a nearby stream, where he asked the man if he had been baptized. 
Upon his reply that he had not, the pastor led him into the stream and put his head under water for 15 seconds.  When he grabbed the back of his hair and pulled his head up, he asked him if he had seen Jesus.
The man replied, "No sir, I did not."  Whereupon the pastor grabbed his hair and put his head under water for 30 seconds.
The pastor pulled his head up out of the water and asked again, "Did you see Jesus?"
The man replied, "No sir, I most surely did not."
Again the pastor pushed the man's head under the water and in 45 seconds raised it, again inquiring whether he had seen Jesus, to which the man breathlessly replied,
"Are you sure this is where he fell in?"