Some funny international products

This is why international marketing is so difficult.
 Supermarket products from around the world (you cant make this stuff up!)
Excuse Me? 
Okay, be gone I say! 
Not to be confused with Hetero sausage. 
Insect repellent? Are you sure that's what it's for? 
If offered one, not what I'd be expecting. 
Hmmm... my 2 favorite things in one throw away container. 
Soooo refreshing! 
Only one thing better than regular Shito, new, improved Shito. 
In case there was some doubt?
I hope they come with instructions?
Nuff Said !
So much better than old, stale cok substitute! 
Well of course, Asse just had to be chocolate.. 
I really shouldn't find this funny. 
 International marketing is so difficult.
Wow ! - if only THIS came in a beer can! 
Hard to refuse, even with that mascot?! ? 
I hope Marie knows about this.
And they said it couldn't be bottled.
How Sweet !