Top Man Cookies

Here is the top five cookies a man would pick given a chance to pick in the cookie matter. Recently people at work have begun bringing girl scout cookies to share.  Which got me thinking what kind of cookies are my favorite?  While I like chocolate chip in particular anything chocolate, sugary and crispy will do.  But here are some of my favorites.

5.  Given the amount of chips ahoy every man has ate in his younger lifetime this one has to make the list.  What guy has not sat in his dorm room, military barracks, or a camping trip and not ate a whole bag of these deliciously dehydrated gems. Yummy!
 Chips A Hoy Cookie Ad

4.  Oreo's because you can do this too them!
Oreo Stack of cookies

3.  The cookie ice cream sandwich! What way to get a much needed 1000 calories then to have two huge cookies and ice cream in the middle.  Can you say this is the ultimate gas station snack?
sandwich cookie

2.  Thin Mints!  All us guys know that the best time of year is girl scout cookie time.  Its an excuse to eat a whole box of thin mints.  Yes guys do it too. 
Thin Mints

1. Homemade cookies! These are the best! Our favorite in the world.  If our lovely ladies make them all the better.  Cookies made from scratch come from the heart.  Thank you betty crocker!
cookie monster