Coolest cakes ever! Top List

Cake boss is one of the coolest shows on TV.  One thing I envy is how is family works with him.  It would be so cool to own a bakery or restaurant and be able to make enough money to pay your family to work for you.  On that note he does make some awesome cakes.  Here is my current top ten cakes from around the net.

10. The Movie Cake! What could be better.  Movie plus dessert equals awesomeness!

Movie Cake

9.  Oscar the Grouch cake!
Oscar the Grouch cake

8.  Stormtrooper Cake! 
Storm Trooper Cake

7.  Motorcycle Cake! Not a cake with a toy on it but a freaking motorcycle!
Motorcycle Cake Harley

6.  Wow this is totally awesome a cake made to look like Venom's head!
Venom Cake

5.  TV cake with melting color bars!  Every AV nerds dream cake!
AV Cake

4.  Bad Ass Wedding Skull cake!
Skull Cake

3.  Alien Wedding Cake!  The mother of all awesome cakes!
Alien Cake

2.  Police Car cake! This thing is rad!
Police Car Cake

1.  Military Cake! In no other profession will you have cake once a year in your dress blues.  Semper Fi!

Marine Corps Cake